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Federal Permitting

Mayflower Commercial Lease


Mayflower Wind COP Volume I

Mayflower COP Volume II

Appendix A_Agency Correspondence

Appendix AA_Oil Spill Response Plan

Appendix C_Conceptual Project Design Drawings

Appendix D1_Massachusetts CZMA Consistency Certification-Falmouth

Appendix D2_Massachusetts CZMA Consistency Certification-Brayton Point

Appendix D3_Rhode Island CZMA Consistency Certification-Brayton Point

Appendix F1_Sediment Plume Impacts from Construction Activities

Appendix F2_Scour Potential Impacts from Operational Phase and Post-Construction Infrastructure

Appendix H_Water Quality Report

Appendix I1_Avian Exposure Risk Assessment

Appendix I2_Bat_Risk_Assessment

Appendix J_Terrestrial Vegetation and Wildlife Assessment Report

Appendix K_Seagrass and Macroalgae Report

Appendix L1_Offshore Designated Protected Areas Report

Appendix L2_Onshore Protected Lands Report

Appendix M_Benthic and Shellfish Resources Characterization Report

Appendix N_Essential Fish Habitat and Protected Fish Species Assessment

Appendix O_Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Monitoring and Mitigation Plan

Appendix P1_EMF Assessment Report

Appendix P2_HVDC EMF Assessment

Appendix S_Analysis of Visual Effects to Historic Properties

Appendix T_Visual Impact Assessment

Appendix T1_Cape Cod Onshore Simulations

Appendix T2_Martha’s Vineyard Simulations

Appendix T3_Nantucket Simulations

Appendix U1_In-Air Acoustic Assessment Report

Appendix U2_Underwater Acoustic Report

Appendix V_Commercial and Recreational Fisheries and Fishing Activity Report

Appendix W_Fisheries Communication Plan

Appendix X_Navigation Safety Risk Assessment

Appendix Y1_Obstruction Evaluation & Airspace Analysis

Appendix Y2_Air Traffic Flow Analysis

Appendix Y3_ADLS Efficacy Analysis

Appendix Y4_Radar and Navigational Aid Screening Study