Operations & Maintenance

When will the project begin operations?

Mayflower Wind expects to begin operations by the mid-2020s.

Who will operate the Mayflower Wind project?

Mayflower Wind will continue to operate the project, using Massachusetts operations and maintenance (O&M) ports. The project has committed that at least 75% of all O&M jobs will come from the local workforce. Mayflower Wind intends to contract certain activities to local service providers. During the warranty period Mayflower Wind will contract with the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to perform preventative and corrective maintenance and plan repairs of main components.

During operation, the project will be supervised and monitored 24 hours per day, every day of the year, using a remote monitoring system.

What types of skills and services are needed during operations & maintenance?

A wide range of skills and services support the operations & maintenance (O&M) of an offshore wind project. This varies from turbine technicians, electricians, vessel captains, and mechanics to environmental specialists, health and safety trainers, and engineers.