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May 4 Open House Presentation PDF

The Future of Clean Energy is Here
Open House Series

Virtual Tour of the SouthCoast Project

Wednesday, May 4, 2022
6:30 – 7:30 PM
Zoom Live Event

Mayflower Wind Speakers 
Christopher Hardy, External Outreach Manager 
Kelsey Perry, Community Liaison Officer 
Dugan Becker, Community Liaison Officer  
Kelly Smith, Onshore Engineering Lead 
Tim Reiher, Export Cable & Inter-Array Cable Lead  
Joel Southall, Fisheries Liaison 

A 3D Virtual Tour of the SouthCoast, MA Project  

Bringing Clean Energy from Offshore to Onshore  

The virtual open house featured a 3D tour of the project from Mayflower’s offshore wind energy lease area located in federal waters extending through an intermediate crossing underneath Portsmouth, RI to an onshore grid connection at Brayton Point in Somerset, MA.  

With the use of 3D modeling and animated sequences, the tour provided a realistic visual experience of:  

  • The Offshore Wind Energy Lease Area 
  • Export Cable Route and Intermediate Portsmouth, RI Crossing   
  • Brayton Point (Somerset, MA) Converter Station and Grid Connection  
  • SouthCoast Project Timeline and Next Steps