Economic Benefits

Mayflower Wind will have a continuous, long-term impact on job creation and economic opportunities: 

  • Over 10,000 good-paying new jobs and supply chain growth across all phases—development, construction, and operations 
  • Construction of the landfall, underground cabling, and onshore substation will create demand for a variety of qualified local contractors and retail businesses  
  • At least 75% of operations and maintenance jobs will be locally-based 
  • Substantial revenue generated at all levels of government through taxes and other payments:   
    • US government has received $135 million for the federal offshore lease payment 
    • Nearly $2.5 billion in anticipated total economic benefit to the Commonwealth, according to the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources 
    • Host municipalities on the South Coast and Upper Cape Cod will benefit from increased business activity, taxes, and other revenue 

The project will reduce harmful air pollutants by millions of tons annually at a stable, fixed price: 

  • Lowest cost offshore wind energy ever in the US, as selected by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Section 83C II solicitation 
  • Over $2 billion in residential and business ratepayer savings over the project’s lifetime, according the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources