Marine Science

Mayflower Wind will deploy robust, science-driven decision making to research, develop, and implement innovative solutions in  successfully delivering the project.  

Our monitoring and research investments are aimed at generating data and science that informs the development and operation of our specific project, as well as contributing to a better understanding of overall cumulative effects of the growing U.S. offshore wind industry and the impacts – positive and negative   – to ocean resources in the North Atlantic.  We are focused on applying lessons learned from the U.S. and abroad and on identifying unique and innovative approaches to environmental mitigation and monitoring and minimizing impacts to local communities.   

Mayflower Wind has partnered with the Northeastern Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems (NERACOOS) to share real-time weather and ocean data collected by the buoy for mariners and the scientific community to use.  NERACOOS’ mission is to produce, integrate, and communicate high quality information that helps ensure safety, economic and environmental resilience, and sustainable use of the coastal ocean.  Mayflower Wind’s floating buoy data will help to support these efforts and help to inform other research efforts in the Atlantic region.