Mayflower Wind is driven by our  core value of “safety first, safety always.” Co-existence of offshore wind and ocean users must be backed by a strong commitment to safety and responsible operations.  This includes navigation safety in and around the offshore lease area for all mariners, including fishermen, during the development, construction and operations of the project.  We are committed to clearly communicating our marine operations to our fellow ocean users, community members, and other maritime partners. 

We pride ourselves on being a responsible and reliable environmental steward. That means minimizing harm and potential impacts to the environment. It also means finding opportunities to maximize positive impacts and be a net positive to the marine ecosystem.  We are continually focused on supporting the development and use of the best science and data to see the big picture as well as the small details that are critical to the success of our project, our neighbors, and our region.  

Mayflower Wind recognizes that responsible development requires early, transparent, and continuous engagement and collaboration with the commercial and recreational fishing industries. 

We will develop and implement fisheries mitigation measures that avoid, minimize, or mitigate impacts to fishermen and fisheries.  We will collaborate with fishermen and fisheries managers to generate and sustain data collection and monitoring efforts.  We will do all of this to achieve our end goal of allowing offshore wind development to coexist with sustainable and healthy fisheries. 

  • Mayflower Wind worked with federal agencies, fishermen, and offshore wind developers to establish the Responsible Offshore Science Alliance (ROSA) to advance regional research and monitoring of fisheries and offshore wind interactions in federal waters through collaboration and cooperation.  
  • Mayflower Wind has contracted two Fisheries RepresentativesMassachusetts Lobstermen’s Association (MLA) and the New Bedford Port Authority (NBPA), to collaborate on initiatives that minimize impacts to fisheries in the project area.    

Fisheries Liaison Onboard

Mayflower Wind is pleased to welcome Joel Southall as the project’s Fisheries Liaison Officer.  In this role, Joel will serve as the liaison between the fishing community and Mayflower Wind. He’ll be listening to mariners and sharing project updates and activity information to strengthen communication and collaboration.

As social distancing guidelines allow for more in-person interactions, Joel will be a regular presence in the field, including monthly Port Hours in New Bedford, Massachusetts and Narragansett, Rhode Island.

You can reach Joel at 617-817-4682 or